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Accessories and underpinnings


Early 17th century to 1660s Dutch coif

Brief: Authentic headcovering to cover short modern hairstyle.

Original: Paintings from the golden age of Dutch masterpieces (1660s)

Realisation: Linen coif, padded to emulate hair bun. Mounted on wire construction.


1660s English linen hood

Brief: Headcovering for a lady to be worn with 1660s wig in authentic hairstyle.

Original: Portrait paintings, specifically Lady Castlemain (1664)

Realisation: Handsewn linen hood with black silk ribbon.


1660s-70s Fan

Brief: Authentic-looking fan, suitable for 1660s-70s English lady.

Original: 1670s fan leaf, unmounted, extant fans from the period.

Realisation: 19th century fan, monture made from bone, with torn leaf. 1670s leaf painting (see right-hand image) laser-printed on card. Mounted on fan ribs and affixed to guards.


1660s Velvet covered leather baldrick/swordbelt

Brief: Baldrick for the 1660s gentleman costume, before sword belts took over as fashionable.

Original: (left) 1630s velvet covered and embroidered baldrick, V&A museum. (right) 1654 Karl X Gustav's embroidered baldrick, Livrustkammeren, Sweden.

Realisation: Heavy leather construction, individual pieces covered and lined with velvet, and edged with metal fringe.


1830s Biedermeier black silk mourning bonnet

Brief: Headcovering for female mourning costume to be worn at the Rochester Dickens Parade (Kent) that would stand out sufficiently from the usual silhouette/chosen decade in the 19th century.

Original: Fashion plates from the period, specifically 1830 mourning costume (left).

Realisation: Straw hat cut and re-shaped for bonnet. Covered in silk, embellished with wide sewn silk ribbons, lace and ostrich feathers.

© Nic Kipar


Sword scabbards

Brief: Durable scabbards for children's wooden swords, suitable for classic imaginary "Medieval Knights" look.

Inspiration: This was for kids' costumes, authenticity not required.

Realisation: Heavy duty PVC faux leather, thin wood, buckram. Blanket-stitched around the edges.

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