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Surviving Accessories
17th Century
Museums Treasures

All photos taken by B. Levick or N. Kipar
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Glove Early to mid 17th c. glove from the V&A museum. Glove Glove
Glove Embroidered glove with metal brush fringe. Glove  
Glove Early 17th c. glove with intricate embroidery and gold metal lace with sequins. Glove Glove
Glove   Glove Mid 17th c. glove in the Museum of London.
Hanky Handkerchief from the V&A museum. Hanky Close-up of the drawn work lace.
Knits These delicate items are knitted caps, gloves, mitts and stockings which are displayed in Copenhagen, in the National Museum of Denmark.
With many thanks to Franchesca Havas for manipulating the very dark photo so that all details are now easily to be studied. Visit her superb resource, The Glove Website.

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