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Surviving Male Clothing
17th Century
Museum Treasures

All photos taken by B. Levick or N. Kipar
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Mid 17th Century 1660s - 1670s

Suit from the 1660s, but only the upper body garments are extant clothing, the petticoat breeches are reproductions. The doublet of the earlier decades has turned into a short bolero-type jacket. The suit used to be displayed in the V&A museum.  
The wide collar of earlier which went with the doublet, has changed its changed and the falling bands of the 1660s are narrow at the side, which is due to the fashion of the long flowing, curly hair, which would hide the collar anyway. Close-up of the parchment lace which covers the doublet and the Venetian gros point lace the falling band is made of. The neck opening of the shirt too has lace frills.
The falling band became longer in the front and shorter at the sides and the back. Photo of a longer jacket or cassock, which was worn over the bolero-style doublet. The longer jacket derived from the cassocks of the earlier period.
Heavily embroidered suit of the 1670s. Please see the page 'Surviving Costumes' for a better colour photo which is copyrighted by the V&A museum of the suit. It was said to have been worn by James II at his engagement, but this is now ruled out, still, the quality is superb.  
The breeches, which are in the transitional stage of turning from the extremely wide petticoat breeches into the narrower ones which are held in below the knees of the later decades. Close-up of the metal thread embroidery on the brown worsted.
The lace cravat worn now, which also made of Venetian gros point needlelace. Close-up of the cravat.
Another surviving garment from the V&A museum, which is from the 1670s. Not on the embroidered cloak, which is a full circle survived, but also the garments below. Close-up of the embroidered collar.
Detailed shot of the embroidery pattern on the cloak. Detail of the metal thread embroidery.

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