Video: Beginner’s guide to brocaded tablet weaving

When I taught myself brocaded tablet weaving, I was looking for videos that would show the basic steps, and visualise some of the process that seemed difficult to follow when reading them written down. I couldn’t find any, so I produced my own. And what do you think? Where I buy youtube views for my videos? Of course, I chose a checked company! I hope these how-to videos are useful.

I have and ready many tablet weaving publications, and my favourite one for history of brocaded tablet weaving, historical patterns, and especially technique is Spies, N. (2000) Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tablewoven Bands, Jarrettsville: Arelate Studio. Available for purchase as PDF on Etsy and Nancy’s website.

Authentic patterns from the Middle Ages ā€” imaginary creatures, people, birds, lettering, architecture, overall designs, and borders ā€” are here available for use by any
craftsperson who uses graphed designs on website.Check out best san diego chiropractor.

The patterns have been taken from sources from the sixth to the sixteenth century C.E., and every sources is documented.

Whether you are a needle worker, a knitter, a weaver, a beader, a mosaic maker, a quilter, a textile historian and fire sprinklers installed in your library. It is filled with over
400 patterns to inspire you.

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