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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 2, Page 7
Gentry and Aristocracy, Women:Decoration and Lace

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Lower Class Women and Men Gentry and Aristocracy, Women Gentry and Aristocracy, Men The Whole Look: Accessories Costume Focus: Women's Headwear & Neckwear

All of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study. All of them are details taken from paintings.
The lace that is shown as decoration sewn onto the rich silk skirts, petticoats and bodices are all metal laces, gold or silver. In period what is nowadays called braid or metal braid or gold braid, the decoration that is on uniforms, was called lace as well, so that an officer's coat was 'laced'.

Some skirts or petticoats show braiding as well, and when this is the case it appears to be silk ribbons, most often black and in different widths.

Not a lace but a black braid, probably a silk braid. A more unusual form of decoration. A beautiful straight edged open worked gold bobbin lace.
Broad gold lace which appears to have small scallops at one side. Straight edged gold lace.
Darker gold lace, which might be a parchment lace though. Very broad gold lace which runs down edge to edge in the centre of the skirt.
Broad gold lace with an interesting design which appears to be diamond shaped. Lovely broad silver lace with large scallops, worn by Catherine of Braganza in the portrait which was done shortly before her wedding to Charles II. She is still wearing the Portuguese fashion of farthingale in the portrait, a fashion about which the English laughed.
Narrow gold lace. Combination of broad and narrow gold lace on skirt and bodice.
Straight edged gold lace. Broad gold lace in a darker colour.
Interesting decoration of very narrow silk ribbons perfectly placed parallel.  

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