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The 1660s
Restoration Costume Comes to Life

Part 2, Page 8
Gentry and Aristocracy, Women:Extant Garments

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Lower Class Women and Men Gentry and Aristocracy, Women Gentry and Aristocracy, Men The Whole Look: Accessories Costume Focus: Women's Headwear & Neckwear

All of the following images open in a new window for a detailed study.
There are very few extant garments of the period. In lesson 1 you can find the recommended websites which show photos of extant garments.

Whaleboned bodice made from silk satin and decorated with parchment lace. Short wide sleeves gathered into narrow bands, no longer than to the elbow. These sleeves are worn with chemises with wide lace frills and held in by ribbons. See Nicole's blue dress and Anne Sophie's beige one.
Second whaleboned bodice which shows a different kind of sleeve, one with a larger cuff and three quarters long. Wings where the sleeves are set in. These sleeves are worn with chemises without lace frills. See Nicole's dark red bodice.
Third bodice which is interesting, because it isn't decorated with lace but with pinked strips of the same ivory silk the bodice is made of. The strips go all around the sleeves. See Diana's green dress.
Silver tissue dress which is in the Museum of Costume, Bath. The bodice is heavily boned and skirt and bodice are decorated with gold lace. The skirt is cartridge pleated onto a waistband.

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