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Painting Gallery 1670s
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France and England

Dutch paintings are on their separate pages.

1673Family, 1673. English Charles IICharles II and his Gardener, 1675. Painting attributed to Hendrik Danckerts. The Restoration was an age of curiosity. Shown here is Charles II being presented with a pineapple by the royal gardener John Rose, supposedly the first grown in England. English Grotto, FrenchLouis XIV and the Court at the Grotto in Versailles, c. 1675. Louis XIV is shown on his horse visiting the Grotto of Thetis. Note the lace adorned and beribboned breeches of the man in the front, one of the transition period breeches in a  curious shape. See also the extant pair of breeches in a very similar cut worn by James, Duke of York, at his wedding, now in the V&A museum, London. French
HughesPeg Hughes, Prince Rupert's Mistress and a lot younger than he was. Prince Rupert, cousin of Charles II, couldn't marry her, because she was already married! Thus they lived together, just like husband and wife, but unmarried by law. She bore him a daughter, Ruperta, who Prince Rupert wanted to marry a son by Charles II and Nell Gwynn. By Sir Peter Lely. English d'InvalidLouis XIV and Lauzun Planning the Hotel d'Invalid (left side). French d'InvalidLouis XIV and Lauzun Planning the Hotel d'Invalid (right side). French
MontespanAthenais de Montespan, Louis XIV's Mistress. French Barbara PalmerBarbara Palmer, later Lady Castlemaine and Duchess of Cleveland, Charles II's Mistress, 1670. By J.M. Wright. The mistress in whose arms the King allegedly spent the night following his return to London. English PortsmouthThe (later) Louise Duchess of Portsmouth, Charles II's Mistress. Painting by Henri Gascars. Note the beautiful brocaded silk fabric of her dress. English
RochesterThe Earl of Rochester, c. 1665-70. After Jacob Huysmans. John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester, among the most prominent of the dissolute courtier-poets and wits whose behaviour scandalised many of the King's subjects. English Man in Black, ca. 1673. By Gerard Ter Borch. This one Dutch painting is here to show the difference between the Dutch and French and English fashion. They had developed into different directions. The man here is still wearing petticoat breeches and the short bolero-type jacket. Dutch Charlotte Fitzroy. Charlotte later became the Countess of Lichfield. She was the King's daughter by Barbara Palmer. Note her chemise. By Sir Peter Lely. English
Aristocratic Girl. Pierre  Mignard, 1674. French Mary of Modena Mary of Modena, ca. 1673. At a time when anti-Catholic sentiment was violently increasing, the Duke of York's second marriage to this French princess brought further tension. Painting by Sir Peter Lely. English

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