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Engraving Gallery 1680s
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France and England

LadyLady, 1680. French CourtCourt of Louis XIV, 1682. French LadyLady, 1683. French
LadyLady, 1686. French LadyLady, 1687. French GentlemanGentleman, 1687. French
ChristeningChristening, 1687. French St CyrGirls of the 1st and 2nd class at St. Cyr. French St CyrGirls of the 3rd and 4th class at St. Cyr. French
1689Gentleman, he is wearing a narrow but tall and long periwig, reaching down low in his back. Ribbon bows underneath the lace cravat. His justaucorps, decorated on all seams with lace, is closed in the waist with only one button. Two vertical pockets. The coat and the waistcoat underneath reaching down to his knees. The coat sleeves have broad turned back cuffs, reaching to the elbows, the waistcoat narrow sleeves reaching to the wrists, 1689. French Queen MaryMary II, 1689. English 1688Lady at Harpsichord, 1688.
William&MaryWilliam and Mary, The Queen is wearing a Fontange à la Sultane head-dress. The décolleté is starting to become rectangular. The jupe is decorated with broad fringes at the hem. The King is wearing an embroidered coat with vertical pockets, and a swordbelt à la the latest military fashion, 1687. English Ladies 1686Ladies, 1686. SoissonsMademoiselle Soissons, 1685. French
RockerThe Rocker of the Duc d'Anjou, 1684. French 1682Birth of the Duc de Bourgogne, 1682. French ContiPrincess Conti, 1682. French
Worker Working Class Man, 1689. English Worker Milkmaid, 1689. English Worker Working Class Couple, 1689. English
Worker Working Class Woman, 1689. English Worker Man Selling Spectacles, 1689. English 1689 Doctor and his Patient, 1689. English

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