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Painting Gallery 1680s
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France, England, Holland, Germany

Dutch paintings are on their separate pages.

Monsieur and FamilyLe Grand Dauphin and Family, 1687. French CGFADutch Charles IICharles II, 1684. English
Charles IICharles II, 1685. English Leconte
Fronde - Leconte
. French
VersaillesAt Versailles. French
James IIJames II. English Louis XIV
Louis XIV and the Genoese Doge
, 1685. French
Mary of ModenaMary of Modena, wife of James, Duke of York, later James II. The French Princess Mary Beatrice of Modena was James' second wife.  By Godfrey Kneller. English
MonmouthThe Duke of Monmouth, 1685. English Colbert, Villacerf, 1685. French Kurfürst Max Emanuel, 1688. German
(I am not at all convinced about the given date though regarding the clothes he is wearing, particularly the tricorne. I would date it rather 1700)

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Dutch Paintings 17th century

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