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Engraving Gallery 1700s
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France and England


LadyCourtesan. English Middle ClassMiddle class. French Middle classWorking class. French
LadyLady. French GentlemanGentleman. French 1714Electeur de Brandenbourg, 1714. French
Duc du MaineDuc du Maine. French VentadourMadame de Ventadour. French 1700Ami Jusque à la Bourse. Engraving of two gentlemen, around 1700. Note the pagoda sleeves of the Justaucorps and the loosely knotted lace cravats, which followed the fashion of the Steinkerk. French
1702Madame l'Electrice de Brandenbourg, 1702. Note her Fontange with a very broad, flat fold in the middle, the Fontange at this time is tipped down low. French 1708Duc du Maine, 1708. Note the cravat with lace, which is worn in a loose knot. Wearing the muff with a passe-caille around his wrist. The sleeves are wide, the so-called Pagoda sleeves. French 1704Friedrich III, Electeur de Brandenbourg, 1704. Note his long periwig, parted in the middle. French
1713Princesse de Conti, 1713. Note her muff made from peacock feathers, a very rare occurrence.French 1708Aristocratic Couple at Leisure, 1708. Picard. French 1700Hanging in Tyburne. Attributed to Marsellus Laroon, 1700. English
MarriageMarriage à la Mode, 1700. The prospective wife is accepted since her financial advantages compensate for her personal failings. Note the choker she is wearing with thick pearls. French Merchant Banker at Work, 1700. The middle class was by now influential and rich, as can be seen on his clothing. Note the lace cravat and the brocaded breeches are surely expensive. French Monsieur le Duc, ca. 1702. Note he is wearing a small tricorne hat and patterned ribbon bows on his right shoulders, an embroidered ribbon is fastened to his shoulder with a jewel and forms an epaulette. French
1706Alarm at Versailles, 1706. A political cartoon of 1706, showing the consternation at the French Court over Marlborough's victory at Ramillies. Louis has fallen to the ground, while at the back to the left stand James, Duke of Berwick, James II's illegitimate son by Arabella Churchill (and the Duke of Marlborough's nephew), and his half-brother, James Francis Stuart, the Old Pretender. English 1715 "The King is dead, long live the King", 1st September 1715. On the day of Louis XIV death. the five-year-old Louis XV, attended by the Regent, the Duc d'Orléans (son of Louis XIV's brother) receives the homage of the Cardinal de Nailles. Note the patterns and the textures of the fabrics, rich brocades. French

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