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Engraving Gallery Early 17th c.
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France and England


CavalierNobleman. Bosse, 1630s. French CavalierNobleman. Bosse, 1630s. French LadyNoblewoman. Bosse, 1630s. French
GalleryShopping in the Galerie du Palais Royal. Lace collars, gloves and fans can be bought, though the most important items would have been commissioned. Bosse, ca. 1640. French Man 1645Fashionable Gentleman. Note the abundance of ribbons on this costume, which shows the exaggerated version of the 1640s fashion, 1645. French Conch Widow. The Lady wears a conch or coque, a gauze veil stretched like a fig shaped balloon over a light metal frame. Worn mostly by widows in France. Bosse, ca. 1640 French
LadyNoble Lady. The lady wears a mask to protect her face, later, in the 1660s, those vizors were fashionable to be worn indoors as well, on evening occasions. Callot, ca. 1625. French Bosse 1650 'Dishevelled' Lady. A triangular tippet edged with Flemish bobbin lace covers the bare shoulders. Bosse, 1640. English Bosse 1640 Summer Outfit. The face is protected with a veil of black gauze, wearing a summer outfit. Bosse, ca. 1640. English
CavalierNobleman. Bosse, 1630s. French Hollar 1650Autumn Dress, after Hollar, ca. 1650. 1646Anne Budes, 1646. French

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