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Painting Gallery 1700s
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France and England


BourgogneDuchess de Bourgogne in Riding Habit. (1685-1712) Pierre Gobert. The ladies' riding habits were always cut after the men's fashion, the jackets worn with a corset underneath and as tight as a bodice would be. The Duchesse wears a cravat with ribbon bows, imitating male dress. French Louis XIVLouis XIV receiving the Elector of Saxony at Fontainebleau, 27 September 1714. Louis de Sylvestre, 1714. Note the high, parted wigs and the nun's ornate in black with white ermine. French Louis XIVLouis XIV in State Robes. Note the white shoes with red heels worn with the state robes. French
Louis XIVLouis XIV and his Heirs. Nicolas de Largillière, 1710-15. For details see below. French VersaillesAerial View of Versailles, 1722. Jean-Baptiste Martin. French KnellerMatthew Prior, 1700. Godfrey Kneller. This is one of the most unusual portraits of the time, showing the 'new intellectual man', and unusual for showing Mr. Prior without his wig, but in the short hair which was worn underneath the wig, often even shaved like in the decades before.
Family detailLouis XIV and his Heirs, detail. Note the child's reins, and the boy being clad in a dress. Le Grand Dauphin's justaucorps is obviously made of blue velvet. French Family detail 2Louis XIV and his Heirs, detail. Note Louis' brown justaucorps and matching vest, embroidered with goldwork. The Duc's vest and matching sleeve cuffs are made of brocaded silk, he wears his lace cravat in the loose knot, so elegantly simple. Stockings are still worn over the breeches. French PriorMatthew Prior. Simon Belle, ca. 1705. Note the matching turned back cuffs, made from the same fabric as the waistcoat. This fashion became 'compulsory' in the late 17th/early 18th century. English
MarlboroughJohn Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, early 1700's. The son of an impoverished Royalist, he had little to help him make his way in the world, but , although he became arguably the greatest General of his age. Portrait by Godfrey Kneller. English VilliersSarah Jennings and Barbara Villiers, early 1700's. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, playing cards with Lady Fitzharding, formerly Barbara Villiers, mistress to Charles II (and of the Duke of Marlborough!). Painting by Godfrey Kneller. English Kirk Younger Percy Kirke the Younger Colonel of the Regiment from 1710-1741, he had served as a junior officer in the regiment under his father. He died in Gibraltar in command. English

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