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Painting Gallery Early 17th c.
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France, England and Holland


Family, 1639 Lord Chapel and his Family. C. Johnson, ca. 1639. Adults and children, with the exception of the youngest, were identically dressed. English Anne d'AutricheQueen Anne of Austria and Louis XIV. Note the short pearl necklace and the broad lace trimming on the neckline. French Henrietta MariaQueen Henrietta Maria, Van Dyck,  1634. Note the very high waist of the 1630s robes. English
Charles IICharles II and his Siblings, after Van Dyck, 1639. On the left is Mary, the Princess Royal, standing next to James  Duke of York. On Charles' left is Princess Elizabeth nursing the baby princess Anne. English Charles IICharles II, William Dobson, 1642. Prince Charles, aged 12, arming himself at the Battle of Edgehill where he had a narrow escape at the opening engagement of the Civil War. Note the gold braids on his sleeves and breeches. English Charles ICharles I and his Family, Hendrick Pot, 1631. Charles I, Henrietta Maria and their eldest child Prince Charles. Note the child's frock Charles is wearing. English
Charles ICharles I. Van Dyck. English RichHenry Rich, First Earl of Holland, Daniel Mytens, 1640. Note  the gold braid on the gauntlets of his dark gloves, the red plumes and extensive braids on  the slashed doublet and the breeches. English Gaston d'OrleansGaston d'Orleans, Van Dyck, detail. Uncle of Louis XIV. French
KilligrewThomas Killigrew, William Sheppard, 1650. One of the playwrights who gained favour at Charles II's court. Note the indoors cap and the robe. English Louis XIVLouis XIV in State Robes, Henri Testelin, 1648. Portrait of the ten year old King.  Note the elaborate shoe rosette. French Louis XIIILouis XIII. Philippe de Champaigne. Louis XIII being crowned by Victory. Note the elaborate  armour he is wearing. French
RichelieuCardinal Richelieu. Philippe de Champaigne.  During Louis XIII's reign, he was the true ruler of France and laid the foundation for Louis XIV's absolutism. French Prince RupertPrince Rupert, Gerrit van Honthorst, 1640s. Note the beautiful lace edging of the splendid collar. Prince Rupert was a cousin of Charles II and a dashing cavalryman in the English Civil War. English Charles ICharles I on Horseback 1635-1640. Anthonis van Dyck. Note the plate armour and the swept hilt rapier. London, National Gallery. English
NightwatchThe Nightwatch, 1642. Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn. The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch. The 'Nightwatch' is actually a daylight scene. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum. Dutch Frans HalsPortrait of a Man, 1650-52. Frans Hals. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Note the ribbon bows at his waist, attached to the breeches. Dutch  RembrandtLady with a Fan, 1641. Rembrandt van Rijn. In the Possession of Her Majesty the Queen. Note the beautiful lace edgings (Reticella) of her fine linen cuffs and collar, and the fine chemises inset with lace strips. Dutch
ChampaigneOmer Talon, 1649. Philippe Champaigne. The minister is dressed in his state robe. Note the two tassels at his starched linen collar. French Marie de RaetMarie de Raet, wife of Philippe Le Roy. Probably late 1630s. Anthony Van Dyck. Note the early non-collapsible fan (feathers) and the brooch worn at the front. Le RoyPhilippe Le Roy, Seigneur de Ravels. Anthony Van Dyck. Probably late 1630s. Note the slashed sleeves with the white silk underneath.

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